A success story

Jun 2017 Padmavati Photo credit:

The nutrition card mirrors the nutritional status of the beneficiary. The Village Nutrition Volunteer (VNVs) fill the nutrition card every month and based on the details take necessary action if required and plan their counselling for the household. Likewise in the month of September, 2016 during filling of the nutrition card it was noticed that a child named Ajith was severely malnourished (MUAC: 11cm) and also suffering with diarrhea. The child weighed 6.0 Kg and the height was 75 cm. The VNV of the village named Marakandinni gram panchayat of Devadurga taluk, Raichur district intimated the project supervisor and together they visited the household for counselling and guidance. After providing them with appropriate guidance and explaining the severity of the situation, the family members took the child to Basavalingappa hospital in Sirivar, a neighboring district. On reaching the hospital the doctors realized that the child was dehydrated and they administered saline and was under observation for a few days and later discharged. Once the child was back home, the VNV along with Anganwadi worker paid regular visits to the household to see the child was improving. The Anganwadi worker along with close monitoring made sure the child gets egg and other supplementary foods provided as part of the ICDS. Our VNV counselled them about the importance of hygiene and sanitation and the role of complementary feeding. It is noted that the child now weighs 10 Kg and the MUAC is 14 cm which indicates that the child is now normal. The family is very pleased by the care and concern of the VNV as well as the timely response to the child’s condition.

Name of the Village: Marakandinni gram panchayat

Name of the Block: Devadurga taluk, Raichur district

Date: 02/02/2017