Our approach is to continuously innovate, translate knowledge and provide technical support to scale up programmes that enable sustained change in the communities that we work with.


  • We Engage

    We engage with marginalised communities to understand their needs and aspirations, mobilise and strengthen their Leadership, and facilitate creation of community institutions.

    Community Institution Building

    We believe that mobilised communities can question discrimination, and act to overcome it. We see institution building, based on responsible governance principles, as a way to realise this change. Our work has facilitated the creation of community-based organisations of female sex workers and sexual minorities, strengthened Village Health, Sanitation and Nutrition Committees (VHSNC) and formation of sex worker cooperatives.

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  • We Innovate

    We design interventions that effectively balance community needs and programme objectives as evidenced in some of our chosen methodologies of service delivery such as D-TEAMS, public-private partnership and ASHA Diary.

  • We Partner

    We collaborate with government, private institutions, community organisations and academia to implement programmes, conduct research, and further knowledge sharing and uptake through Learning platforms led by us.

  • We Support

    We provide technical support to state and national governments to inform policies and practice. We assist governments of other countries to conduct epidemic appraisals, design programmes and formulate policies.