Accountability, transparency, and equity are the key guiding principles of our governance and management policies. We adopt the same principles in strengthening governance within all the community-based organisations that we partner with.


  • Right to Information (RTI) Policy

    Grounded in our guiding principles of transparency and accountability, this policy informs the general public about KHPT, functions and duties of its officers and employees, records and documents available with this office that can be furnished to any person, group or organisations on request.

  • Green Office Policy

    KHPT recognises the importance of conserving energy, and stand committed to minimising energy usage in our field, district and central offices. Continual improvement in this area is an integral part of our work ethics, and programme implementation processes. This policy motivates and encourages our staff, consultants and other stakeholders to remain true to our commitment to the environment.

  • Sexual Harassment Policy

    KHPT acknowledges the need for safe work environment for everyone irrespective of gender. This policy serves to dissuade sexual harassment at the workplace by outlining detailed procedures on handling such cases if they occur. The policy follows the directives of the Supreme Court on this subject in true spirit. This includes constitution of a Committee against Sexual Harassment in Line with the recent The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.

  • Branding Policy

    KHPT is committed to building and nurturing partnerships at regional, national and international levels and develop as a learning organization. It is very critical for the organization, in its communication with partners and stakeholders that it projects itself as a professional, strong, efficient and integrated organisation. This policy sets forth the approved usage of KHPT’s logo for communications in print, web and electronic form. Adherence to these guidelines will protect the integrity of our visual identity and ensure the consistency in our communications.

  • Gender Policy

    KHPT is committed towards creating a balanced work environment through gender mainstreaming. The policy sets a direction towards building gender related agenda within the organisation and in partners. It provides a framework for effectively integrating gender concerns into the organisational agenda and policy domain. It creates equal opportunities and an enabling environment for women and men within KHPT, and promotes equal representation and participation of women in decision making at all levels.

  • Child Protection Policy

    KHPT’s vision for children is to create empowered children enjoying a safe, supportive and responsive environment in a society that upholds the protection, rights and dignity of every child. The policy provides direction to our staff on expected codes of behaviour when dealing with children. It includes provision for setting up of child protection committee that is a mandated structure to address issues of child protection within KHPT.