How do we solve this problem?

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Dyavamma, is a mother of five children of which two are our beneficiaries; one is an adolescent girl and another is an infant by name Kariappa (Ranganath). The adolescent girl is 13 years old and is physically challenged. Dyavamma has delivered all her children at home except the last child, Kariappa. The institutional delivery was as a result of repeated persuasion of VNV and anganwadi worker of Jalahalli cluster, Yaragudda gram panchayat.

The child weighed 2.0 Kg when born (5-09-2016) and the doctors advised that the child needs to be taken to the district hospital but the parents refused and brought the child home. The mother did not consider it important to take care of the child despite being advised about Kangaroo Mother Care. With relentless efforts of the VNV the child received the immunization as per the schedule. It was noticed that the child’s weight was 2.7 Kg after a month and half after birth and was weak.

The VNV on noticing the condition of the child informed the anganwadi worker and the child was referred to RIMS hospital, Raichur district. The child was admitted for a month and showed little improvement and the treating doctors asked the mother to stay for 3 months for the child to recover completely. But the mother said she cannot stay for long since she has to take care of 4 other children and has to be back home and took back the child.

Next month as her routine when VNV went to measure height and weight of the child, she noticed that the child was very weak and again convinced the mother to take back the child to hospital with the help of Anaganwadi worker. The mother returned back with the child staying there for 15 days since her household responsibility vested with her. Both VNV and anganwadi worker were in a helpless situation and did not know what could be done. The mothers point was valid since she had to cook and take care of other children too and she did not get any support from any family member. The mother finally lost hope on saving the child and she was helpless too. The child expired a month later and the mother grieved that she could not save the child.

The situation could have been better if there was a facility within the village where the mother could stay in the village, take care of the child and other children as well.




Name of the Village: Jalahalli cluster, Yaragudda gram panchayat

Name of the block: Devadurga taluk, Raichur district

Date: 02/02/2016