Community Institution Building

KHPT’s belief and commitment to institution building of communities stems from its core vision to empower marginalised and socially excluded groups to work collectively to improve their health, and assert their rights and dignity. KHPT recognizes institution building as a critical step to towards this end. Through its projects, it has made efforts to represent the concerns of these groups and engage with them intensively through building their self esteem, creating opportunities for personal growth, skill development, capacity building, collectivization and institution building leading to their empowerment and mainstreaming. It has worked with vulnerable groups such as female sex workers (FSWs), sexual minorities, transgenders, people living with HIV/AIDS, SC/ST women, adolescent girls from backward communities, migrant workers and frontline health workers such as the ASHA, Anganwadi workers. It has been instrumental in building community based organizations (CBO), SHGs, Cooperatives, and grass root structures like the VHSNCs (Village health sanitation and nutrition committees).

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