Adequate nutrition is the cornerstone of good health and wellbeing. The nutritional needs of the women and children are largely neglected across communities in our country. Our programmes aim to improve the nutrition outcomes and adequately integrate interventions from different sectors reaching out to communities, households and individuals. The focus is mainly to accelerate progress in achieving nutritional outcomes using a sustainable and scalable approach.

Our programmes address both the underlying (gender discrimination, inappropriate dietary practices and negative cultural norms) and immediate determinants (non-availability of nutrient rich foods) influencing the nutritional status of women and children using nutrition-sensitive programmes as platforms of delivery for nutrition-specific interventions. These women centric interventions together with promoting their nutritional status, empowers and enhances their decision making capacity and overall wellbeing.

We work closely with the Government to design and test innovations, provide technical assistance, facilitate knowledge transfer and ensure program sustainability.

Current Projects

Multi-sectoral Nutrition Project

Alleviate undernutrition through sustainable inter-sectoral and intergenerational approaches

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Large scale staple food fortification

Improving iron stores in school children and their mothers; process standardization to match the physical characteristics of fortified rice kernels (FRK) with commercial rice varieties and storage stability.

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