One life saved

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Often a woman neglects her own health prioritizing her family’s health. Shantamma, one of our beneficiaries was registered with the project when she was 7 months pregnant. At the time of registration we found that she was anemic (Hb: 7g/dL) and she weighed only 40.0 Kg. Gangamma, the project Village Nutrition Volunteer (VNV) for Hirebudur gram panchayat during registration found out that Shantamma lost 3 children owing to nutritional deficiency and poor health.

Understanding the previous obstetric history and her present condition, our VNV devoted most of her time in repeated visits to her house to make sure her health improves and the child is not lost. Gangamma through her repeated visits would make sure she consumed the IFA tablets regularly and counsel her to consume nutritious food and reduce her work load. But Gangamma was frustrated after a point and asked the VNV not to visit frequently and since she is poor she cannot do anything about the situation.

A month later when our central team visited that village, we noticed that Shantamma was suffering with diarrhea and was severely dehydrated, yet she continued to perform strenuous labor. During our interaction with her she revealed that the physician had warned that she might lose the child since she is severely anemic but her family did not bother about improving her health. Our VNV was deeply moved and she did not refrain from lending her all possible help that she could do to save the mother and child. Few days later she consulted our project supervisor and with her help along with ASHA and Junior Health Assistant (JHA) they got Shantamma admitted in Raichur Institute for Medical Science, a Government hospital in Raichur district. At the hospital, she was treated for anemia and her hemoglobin level reached 11.0g/dL. Finally she delivered a 2.75Kg infant on 20th September, 2016. Both the mother and child were in good condition.

The entire family rejoiced and the entire team was very delighted that they could save a child. The family members were very pleased by the efforts of the VNVand mentioned that they would have named their child as Gangamma if it was a female child. Shantamma fed the infant colostrum and is still breastfeeding along with initiation of complementary food from 6 months. All in all the combined efforts of members from different sectors together could save the life of a mother and child.



Name of the Village: Hirebudur gram panchayat

Name of the Block: Devadurga taluk, Raichur district

Date: 21/02/2017