Voices of village nutrition volunteers (VNVs)

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I am Mehaboobi working as VNV in Jalahalli cluster since 15-12-2015. Since then this opportunity has changed my life. I come from a very orthodox family and I am the third daughter-in-law. I was never allowed to step out of the house and I remained in the house doing the household-chores. The anganwadi teacher told me there is a vacancy for the post of VNV. I was very keen on taking up the position but was not sure if my mother-in-law would permit me to work. However, my husband was successful in convincing his mother and she granted me permission to work. I was very glad. The training and guidance I received from KHPT team is immense and I was identified by my work. My neighbors expressed their satisfaction with my work and they expressed the same to my mother-in-law. As a result, I have won the respect of my in laws and they consult me for any major decisions in the household and have given me equal responsibility in the house. My present job changed the way my family members treat me. Earlier the same family was treating me with contempt and now I have won my respect.” – Mehaboobi, VNV

I am only receiving 1000 as honorarium for my work as Village Nutrition Volunteer but the love and affection bestowed on me by my beneficiary household is immense. Therefore, it doesn’t matter to me as to how much I am being paid for my work. Now I’ve been appointed as a plant worker and I am a part of a Self Help Group. I am able to save money for myself. We received bicycle to commute to work everyday and this has made me independent. I have gained confidence to perform any work independently with confidence. If I am given the same kind of guidance, training and support by KHPT, I am confident that one day I can start my own production unit” – Mallamma, VNV

I am Nashima Banu belonging to joint family in Devadurga taluk of Raichur district. I am the third daughter-in-law and I have 4 sisters-in-law. Nobody in my family liked me visiting households for behaviour change counselling. My mother-in-law used to dislike me and would torture me on many instances. Therefore, I had almost decided to quit the job. But, I had the strong desire not to be dependent on any one but to stand on my own feet. Due to family disputes, our family had to split and we live separate from our in-laws. KHPT had provided several trainings which has inspired me to a great extent and has given me courage. Now I have the courage to face any problem in life. My husband supports and encourages me to work. I am part of every family decision and I am the one who is handling the family income. I am empowered by the guidance and assistance provided by KHPT and I will be ever grateful to them“. – Nashima Banu, VNV