Adolescents Caregivers of Adolescents

The Government of India is increasingly prioritizing the integration of mental health services into existing
health services through health facilities such as health and well-being centres and government
maternity homes, and through the establishment of a national tele-mental health service.

Karnataka aims to enhance peoples’ understanding to de-stigmatize mental health and consequently
increase the demand for mental health services. The state has established five member-teams for district
mental health programs, including a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, two psychiatrist social workers,
and a psychiatrist nurse.

However, there are a few gaps in the services including non-availability of psychosocial support, shortage of trained human resources to address mental health issues the inability to address mental health challenges of specific vulnerable groups.

KHPT’s Sahita Careline, supported by BOSCH, seeks to address these gaps and has largely been involved in identification of mental health issues, providing psychosocial support (a critical complementary service to clinical interventions for psychiatric or medical illness), and appropriate referrals for higher management of mental health issues, as well as social welfare support.