Love, Your Father.

14th May, 2019

Hanumathu, father of a role model adolescent girl from Yelamgera minces no words as he openly shares with us and other villagers that he will extend “full support” to #Sphoorthi activities. Hanumanthu being true to his word, ferries the girls to and fro from Yelamgera village to the Sphoorthi vacation classes, about 20 minutes away from the village. The vacation classes are organised to train girls for Xth Standard. Hanumanthu’s commitment is not just to his daughter but to all the girls who aspire to do well in school. He is one of the many #RoleModelParents who are a part of the movement for adolescent empowerment in Koppal Sphoorthi villages. “I will make my daughter study till she says enough!”, says Hanumanthu as he adjusts his seat to drive a bunch of happy faces for their tuition classes.

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