Improve rural women’s health and nutrition before, during and after pregnancy

Improve new-borns’ health through management of complications and post-birth care

Our Current Projects


Strengthening Programme Implementation and Monitoring to achieve single-digit Neonatal Mortality

Accelerated efforts to improve nutrition across the continuum of care through a convergence-based multi-sectoral approach

Improving Early Childhood Development through a life cycle approach

A pilot intervention in two blocks in rural Karnataka

Strengthening Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) coverage among low birth weight babies in identified facilities of Mumbai and Kolkata

Scaling up fortification of edible oil, milk and wheat flour in select geographies of India

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Voices from the Ground

I knew KMC means ‘keeping the low birth weight baby covered and keeping the baby next to the mother’. In 2016, I received exclusive training on KMC and there I learnt that KMC is much beyond this and how it benefits both mother and baby and also the practical sessions on KMC. Now I confidently speak about KMC and promote KMC in the community.

Lakkavva (Name changed), ASHA, Kustagi taluk.

I delivered 3 female babies in Koppal district hospital and they were very small when they were born. After hearing that I had delivered three girls, my husband left me alone in the hospital and went away. I was heartbroken, but the doctor and hospital staff counselled me about the importance of female children and told me about the importance of doing Kangaroo Mother Care. If they hadn’t counselled me, my babies wouldn’t have survived today! Don’t discriminate against girl children. They are a gift.

Renuka Hadapad, Koppal district

The ASHA told me that even fathers can give KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care) to low birth weight babies. I then decided to support my wife and started giving KMC to my baby. It brought me and my baby together!

Nagaraj, Koppal district

Previous Projects

Long-term efficacy of indigenously developed micronutrient fortified rice in improving iron stores in school children and their mothers

Understanding delays and opportunities in delivery and access to preconception nutrition

Addressing micronutrient deficiencies through edible oil, milk and wheat flour fortification

Mentoring ASHAs to impact critical MNCH outcomes

Kangaroo Mother Care

Increasing the practice of Kangaroo Mother Care to improve newborn health outcomes


Improving facility and community level care of new mothers, infants and children

Strengthening First Referral Units

VSHNC Capacity Building Project

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