KHPT has been awarded a grant from the Khorakiwala Family to strengthen the provision of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) in high-load maternity homes catering to vulnerable communities at the periphery of the metro cities of Mumbai and Kolkata. The three-year project will involve a needs assessment to identify facilitators and barriers to implementing KMC,  provide mentoring support for staff nurses and paediatricians, Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) sessions for mothers/foster KMC providers, strengthening facility–community linkages for continuation of KMC at home after discharge, as well as Continued Medical Education and Continued Nursing Education.

The project aims to reach 5000 low birth weight babies (<2500gms) and their mothers in three years The major outcome of the project will be to increase effective KMC among LBW babies, i.e., eight or more hours of KMC and exclusive breastfeeding upon discharge from the health facility. The secondary outcomes will be an increase in the number of eligible babies initiated on KMC and the  number of eligible babies who were continued on effective KMC on day 7 after discharge and at 28 days of age at home.

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