Suma’s Way!

3rd Jun, 2020

As the CoronaVirus pandemic continues to affect communities across the globe, the governments have made efforts to ensure that all essential commodities would be supplied uninterrupted. But here in Karnataka, one had not realised that sanitary napkins also fall under this category. Suma, an adolescent girl who is involved in KHPT’s Sphoorthi project in Koppal district hailing from Hosakanapur village studying in the Ninth standard, took a small yet significant step to resolve this issue in the region. From writing letters to making videos and contacting all the right authorities, Suma made sure that her message caught the attention of the media and the Koppal District Commissioner (D.C.).

In response to this, Mukunda Sumi Special Steel ltd., a factory near Hosakankapur procured and supplied 500 packets of Sanitary napkins to Suma’s village. The Koppal DC passed an order making the Health department accountable in ensuring that every girl receives Suchi pads through ASHA workers during the lockdown. The government also offered funds worth one lakh to Bharati Gudlanur, Koppal’s “Padwoman”, to run her pad manufacturing unit and ensure that there will be enough pads to meet the demands of the girls during this time.

Thanks to Suma’s initiative, the girls of the region have access to pads all through the lockdown!

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