In India, a chunk of the rural population migrates seasonally. These migrants who are mostly semi-skilled or unskilled workers are forced to relocate due to the lack of employment opportunities at the native place.

The Economic Survey of India 2017 estimates that the magnitude of inter-state migration in India was close to 9 million annually between 2011 and 2016, while Census 2011 pegs the total number of internal migrants in the country (accounting for inter- and intra-state movement) at a staggering 139 million. Through the USAID funded Breaking the Barriers project – KHPT aims to implement a community engagement initiative that will empower vulnerable communities to access quality TB services thereby accelerating TB elimination in India. The BTB project will develop and scale up effective behaviour change operational models that improve coverage of vulnerable populations, such as urban vulnerable groups, tribal communities, migrants, mining/industrial workers, for increased case notification and improved successful treatment outcomes in DS TB, TB HIV, DR TB.

KHPT along with TinkerLabs is conducting a 90 minutes long public webinar today, 8 September 2020. The webinar is designed for individuals and organisations working towards improved health outcomes, with a special focus on vulnerable populations. The objective of this webinar is to access in-depth knowledge and gain an expert perspective on health-seeking behaviour, with a focus on TB, thereby establishing an evidence-based approach for the Breaking the Barriers project.

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