Researchers from KHPT shared new evidence from the two trials, Samata and Samvedana Plus, at the recently held STRIVE Annual Meeting from 12 to 14 April 2016, in Amsterdam. Other STRIVE partners from South Africa, India and Tanzania, and a representative from UK Aid were present at the meeting.

H.S. Srikantamurthy presented Samata’s intervention design tracing the pathways through which each of the programme strategies address barriers to girls’ education. Dr.Ravi Prakash shared evidence from Samata baseline study with girls and parents. Findings showed the need to focus on arresting absenteeism of girls from school, a marker of school drop out and the importance of parental support to encourage girls’ education.

Prakash Javalkar and Satyanarayana Ramanaik presented on the Samvedana Plus intervention design and shared findings from the baseline study with female sex workers in north Karnataka, India. Evidence clearly shows that intimacy in the relationships of sex workers and their intimate partners influences violence and condom use in these relationships.

Parinita Bhattacharjee of KHPT, who is also a co-Chair of the Gender Norms and Violence working group at STRIVE presented a progress update on efforts made on ‘Sex Work and Violence’ area initiated at Green Tree II consultations held last year. STRIVE partners and participants responded to the presentation with great enthusiasm. This gave momentum for the formation of a new working group on the thematic area, and the decision to expand research on ‘Sex Work and Violence’ under the STRIVE consortium.

Dr. Shajy Isac of KHPT provided his insights and observations on adolescent education and health to support the development of STRIVE metastory on this area.

STRIVE is a research consortium investigating the social norms and inequalities that drive HIV. KHPT conducts the two big trials, Samata and Samvedana Plus, as part of the consortium to address structural drivers that prevent girls from completing secondary school and increases intimate partner violence against sex workers.

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