Round Table Meeting, Andhra Pradesh

September 30, 2020

Sri L.V Subramanyam, Chief Secretary, Government of Andhra Pradesh chaired a round table meeting of Social Safety Net Program heads on 26th Sept 2019. The meeting took place in Chief Secretary’s office in the secretariat at Vijayawada. Principal Secretaries of health and welfare departments participated in the deliberations along with senior government functionaries. Representatives from KHPT, GAIN and UNICEF were also part of the meeting. Presentations were made by Mr. Gururaj Patil from KHPT and Dr. Arijit from GAIN, followed by discussions on various aspects of fortification.

The Chief Secretary observed that fortification is an effective strategy to address micronutrient malnutrition. It should be widely adopted so that people at all levels are benefitted. At present, there is complete lack of awareness about fortification and the “+F” logo as mark of fortified food among common people. The Chief Secretary directed to concerned authorities to develop and implement various strategies to implement and promote mandatory fortification.

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