KHPT work with OVC expanding to new geographies

September 30, 2020

KHPT has received a 3 years extension from USAID to extend its Social Protection innovations to provide services to children of Key Populations (KPs) Infected and/or Affected by HIV/AIDS. The program overall goal is “ Increased access to priority health, educational, social protection and welfare services for OVC of KPs.” The OVC project will implemented from Nov 2017 to August 2020; specifically prioritizing children of positive KPs and adolescent children of KPs who are more likely to engage in risky behaviors. In addition to the six cluster district in states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh the OVC project will expand to six select districts in Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland for a total of five states.

KHPT will be the prime implementing agency with four sub grantees: Family Health India (FHI), Centre for Advocacy and Research (CfAR), Aastha Parivaar (AP) and NMP+ as sub-partners to carry out the activities at the state and district level.

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