Gone are the days when we used to hide behind our problems and allow them to dictate our lives. Adolescent girls’ cluster representatives’ meetings are platforms where we discuss about the problems we face and evolve joint solutions.

The girls in Budugumpa village needed a bus from their village to Koppal so that they could reach college on time. With no bus to commute to college, they ended up struggling every day to travel. The cluster representatives decided to do something about it. They wrote a letter detailing the problem and submitted to the Panchayat Development Officer (P.D.O.) who forwarded the same to the concerned officer at the Bus Depot.

The determined girls continuously advocated for a bus from their village to Koppal, and to their surprise, it yielded results. P.D.O, as a response to the request of the girls, forwarded the letter to the bus depot. The letter reads- “Budugumpa Panchayat Development Officer requests the Depot Manager to arrange for a bus for Sphoorthi girls to go to college”. Reaching college on time will no longer be a challenge. This event has boosted the confidence of the girls who now believe that honest efforts can help resolve problems.

Picture courtesy and initiative: Shivaleela and Cluster Representatives Team, Budugumpa.

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