Karnataka Health Promotion Trust (KHPT), in collaboration with the Central TB Division (CTD) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), organized a panel discussion on Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) in India on 23 October at the 51st Union World Conference on Lung Health.   The conference is the world’s largest gathering of clinicians and public health workers, health programme managers, policymakers, researchers and advocates working to end the suffering caused by lung disease, with a focus specifically on the challenges faced by low-and lower-middle income populations. The conference held this year highlighted the importance of advancing prevention for lung disease, was streamed online due to the pandemic situation.  

The panelists included Dr Kuldeep Singh Sachdeva, Deputy Director General- Tuberculosis, CTD; Dr Reuben Swamickan, Chief, Infectious Diseases Division, USAID India; Dr Karuna Sagili, Senior Technical Advisor, TB & Communicable Diseases, The Union South East Asia (The Union), India; Mr Dalbir Singh, President, Global Coalition Against TB (GCAT); Mr Mohan HL, Chief Executive Officer, KHPT; and Ms. Sunitha D, a 32-year-old TB survivor from Karnataka. They presented a wide range of issues including the roles of policy and community in addressing LTBI in India, the importance of a community-centred approach, leveraging community networks and policy initiatives to address LTBI.

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