KHPT and MedsForMore Collaborate to help COVID-19 patients

May 19, 2021

KHPT has collaborated with MedsForMore (MFM), a citizen-led initiative to distribute unused COVID-19 medicines among poor and vulnerable communities who don’t have access to or can’t afford them for COVID-19 treatment. This timely collaboration comes at a crucial point in time as India battles a massive second coronavirus wave. KHPT is proud to be associated with MedsForMore to reach out to the neediest communities with medical support which is a need of the hour. 

MedsForMore will collect unused or excess medicines from recovered patients and donate them to Government health centers, Community Hospital Partners, Primary Health Centres or COVID-19 centres which will be distributed to patients across backward districts of Northern Karnataka with the help of KHPT’s extended cadre of frontline and project field staff. 

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